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News and Events
News and Events
EnSight Now Bridge Machine is also under a new umbrella brand. EnSight. So it’s easier than ever for us to offer our customers even more. Of course Bridge Machine still offers you all the same outstanding products and services.

This new umbrella brand, EnSight, captures the spirit behind our expansion. We provide you with insightful creative solutions.

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A-One Manufacturing and Bridge Machine Company are excited to announce a manufacturing expansion!  Both industry veterans, A-One and Bridge have been owned by our parent company American Products for several years now, and we are now in the process of a joint expansion.  This expansion will increase A-One Manufacturing’s machining capabilities and Bridge Machine’s fabrication capabilities, at the same time increasing product line integration opportunities for our customer base.  “We have already seen the interest from our customer base for these integrated systems, and we look forward to increasing those opportunities” - Nicholas Cimino, General Manager and Product Specialist of the Bridge line.

This manufacturing facility is located on our Strafford, Missouri campus. It is a newly expanded facility within the American Products complex.  This complex is shared by a number of manufacturing facilities under American Products ownership.

“We appreciate all of our customers, and look forward to the expanded opportunities that will be available to them in the near future!” – David Cobb, President of A-One Manufacturing

We expect this expansion to be as seamless as possible.  Please continue to contact both A-One and Bridge for sales, service, customer support and parts at their respective office numbers, listed below.

A-One Manufacturing:  (417) 736-2195
Bridge Machine Company:   (877) 754-1800

NEW! Bridge Machine Company now offers a crumbles attachment for both new and existing meatball forming machines.  This new attachment is perfect for:  Wedding soup meatballs;  pizza topping crumbles;  pet food kibble and much more.  Product shown was formed at weights from 1.5g to 3.5g raw, 1.2g to 3g cooked.  Other sizes available.  If gourmet meatballs, Italian homestyle meatballs, mini-meatballs, sausage bites, pizza topping crumbles, or pet food kibble is of interest to your company, Bridge is the right partner for you. 

Special thanks to Joe Travia and our design team, Mike Devine and our excellent machine shop staff, and the R&D team that helped us with our testing, you know who you are!

Please check out the product video regarding these crumbles, to the right.

Recently Shipped:


Meatball Former

Bridge Model CC-24


This machine will be used for alligator meat tenderizing to help streamline the process.


Other uses include: Beef tenderizing, chicken tenderizing, pork tenderizing, clam tongue tenderizing, alligator tenderizing, and all other meat and poultry tenderizing, macerating, or ‘cubing’.



Thanks to the team for another on time shipment.





Meatball Former

Bridge Model SCA Spreading Conveyor or Shuttle Conveyor. Designed specifically for cleanliness, the conveyors frame is built with stainless steel angle steel with minimal flat surfaces. This is a servo-driven shuttle for smooth and accurate shuttling, which also allows for user specific programming to enable the customer to customize the drop areas to their specific needs. This is the most sanitary design we have developed, thanks to the diligent work of our designer, Joe Travia.





Meatball Former

Model BT008 Meatball Former. The BT series is known for creating a homestyle texture and gourmet look you can only get from the Bridge feeding system. Our formers are behind many of the Italian Style meatballs found in your grocers freezer and the gourmet meatballs found in your favorite restaurants. The Bridge Meatball Former allows for infinite product sizes with minimal tooling changes at extremely competitive production rates.


Thanks to the team for another on time shipment.






Spreading Conveyor

Bridge Spreading Conveyor also known as a shuttle conveyor.  The retracting conveyor can be designed to take any width production and transfer it perpendicularly onto any width oven belt or freezer belt for full belt coverage.  This specific conveyor has a raised belt to enable it to get tight up to a patty forming plate to reduce the chances of flipping or damage to the product.  Special thanks to Alex Ghandia, Brandon Baker(Assembly leader), Joe Czajka(Machine shop leader), and Nick Carrozzo.  Nick, a recent mechanical engineering graduate out of Rutgers University, has been a great asset to Bridge Machine Company.




Bridge Model LL96 Column Dumper, or Lift Loader.  A special design chute worked out between our customer and our design team, this extended dump lift is able to dump into a hopper over 3 feet away from our Lift Loader column.


A special thanks to our design team for creating this solution, and our welder for the quick turn-around on the special order.


Previous Projects:

Bridge Model CC-36 Convey-Cuber, a tenderizer designed for inline tenderizing or ‘cubing’ of chicken breasts, pork, or beef portions.  This model was designed with a 36” wide conveyor to fit an existing production line, an extended in-feed conveyor, with our standard tenderizing blades.

"I want to thank everyone involved for the hard work, from our excellent machinists to our dedicated assemblers and electricians,  and the dedication that goes into every piece of equipment we ship out of Bridge Machine."

Nicholas Cimino, General Manager

Bridge Machine Company Acquires a New Vertical Machining Center

Bridge Machine Company manufactures nearly all of its component parts in house. In order to maintain the high level of quality in our finished machines that we demand and our customers have come to expect we are continually looking for ways to improve our shop’s capabilities. Our most recent acquisition is a Haas Vertical Machining Center. Its large table, high accuracy, and fast speeds will certainly be beneficial to us and to you, our valued customers.

Bridge Machine is dedicated to providing our customers consistent quality and ruggedly built machines for the food processing industry!