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Bridge Food Moulders

Bridge Food Moulders

The Bridge Machine Food Moulder is a high production multiple cavity patty forming machine with models capable of producing up to 28,800 patties per hour.

The Bridge Machine Food Moulder provides consistent portions, ideal for directly loading into cookers, freeze tunnels, or batter-breading lines. Features include heavy-duty stainless steel construction, sanitary design, simple operation, and it is maintenance friendly.

Rotating agitators and paddles distribute the product evenly throughout the hopper. The mold plate assembly retracts allowing product to be fed into the forming cavities. The plate moves forward into position where the knockout cups discharge the product onto the take-away conveyor.

Model and Maximum Rates

C150                     14,000

C240                     21,600

I480                      28,800


Sales Drawing - Bridge Food Moulders67.16KB Download