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Accuform Food Formers

Accuform Food Formers

The Accuform Food Former Model S-95 provides precise portion control for the forming of hamburgers, meatballs, croquettes, fish cakes, butter, cheese, as well as certain cookie and pie dough. The S-95 is engineered to produce 2,800 portions in a variety of shapes and sizes or up to 8,400 bite-size pieces per hour.

Precision portion control for a variety of products
The Model S-95 is a drum type former that gently shapes and portions the product with minimum pressure. Product can be formed into rounds, ovals, squares, choppettes, and natural shape portions. The portions are deposited on the discharge conveyor, with or without paper, for further processing or packaging.

Ease of operation and versatility
The machine is easy to operate. The mix is placed in the hopper and rotating propellers gently feed the product into the cavity of the drum forming the shape and weight required. The thickness of the product is adjustable. As the drum rotates, the piston is pushed out of the drum and a stainless steel wire strips the portion from the piston and the product is deposited onto the conveyor belt.


Exact Portion Control
Portion size can be adjusted from 1⁄4" to 3⁄4" thick. The weight will change with the thickness but the shape will remain the same.

Easy to Clean
No special tools are required for disassembly or assembly.

A tabletop food former for tight work spaces.

Papering Attachment
Available as an option.


Capacity                            2,800 pieces per hour
Hopper Capacity         40 lb
Drum Diameter            8 inches
Weight                               150 lb
Max. Portion Size
Single Cavity                  Round 4" Oval 4-1⁄2" x 4"
Dual Cavity                     Round 2"
Triple Cavity                  Round 1-3⁄8"
Paper Feed Size            4-1⁄2" square

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