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4ACS - Food Shaper

4ACS - Food Shaper

The 4ACS is a high speed food shaping machine that portions product into various shapes including rounds, squares, ovals, and choppettes. The 4ACS can be used to shape meatballs, hamburgers, choppettes, croquettes, fish cakes, potato, pork, chicken, veal, and lamb patties among other things.

The 4ACS provides high speed production of up to 10,000 patties or 129,000 meatballs per hour depending on product size and composition. Portion weight is easily changed by a fingertip adjustment of the product thickness ranging between 1/4 and 1 inch.

Product can be fed into the optional 200 Lb. automatic hopper which is separately driven by a vari-speed motor that can be adjusted to maintain constant flow of product to the final feed hopper.

The machine has been designed for ease of operation and simple disassembly without the need for tools.

3HP Main Motor
Voltage: 208/230/460
200 Lbs. automatic hopper with separate vari-speed 3/4HP Motor
Rotary Spatula
Shipping Weight: 1,140 Lbs.

Vari-Speed Drive
Special High-Production Meatball Turntable
15,20,30 Pocket Cylindrical Turntables

4ACS Accupat Food Shaper50.76KB Download