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Cross Tenderizer

Cross Tenderizer

The Cross Tenderizer is an industrial tenderizer designed to handle cut solid portions of meat that require multiple, cross cut, passes through tenderizing blades.

The Cross Tenderizer is has three in-line tenderizing heads and a variable speed connected by stainless steel wire belt conveyors designed to slightly rotate the product allowing for automated cross-cut tenderizing. The operator places the portions to be cross tenderized onto the stainless steel conveyor belt and the product is conveyed through the first set of tenderized knives. The next conveyor partially rotates the product which is then passes through the second set of tenderizer knives. The product is partially rotated again and it is passes through a third set of tenderizing knives. This process makes a total of three tenderizing cuts each with a different orientation; all while being conveyed in a straight line.

The Cross Tenderizer will save you labor and costly production time by eliminating the need for multiple, manually oriented, passes through a tenderizer.

3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 240/480 Volts
Stainless Steel Construction
Removable knife shaft assemblies for easy cleaning

12 or 18 inch widths

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