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HDCC / HDTC - Industrial Tenderizer

HDCC / HDTC - Industrial Tenderizer

The Bridge Heavy Duty Macerator/Tenderizer industrial tenderizer is designed to handle large pieces of meat and insure deep penetration into the product.

Large diameter blades provide deep penetration while the floating top knife assembly, with an air hold down system, makes for a more uniform cut across an uneven product. The depth of cut and the amount of upward movement of blades is controlled by adjustable stops. Product discharges the machine via a chute.

Bridge Heavy Duty Macerator/Tenderizer, Model HDTC
Similar to the Model HDCC this machine replaces the bottom knife shaft with a blank bottom roller. This allows you to cut just one side of the product twice.

2HP Motor
220/440 Volt, 3 Phase
50/60 Cycle, 110 Volt Control
Capacity: Approximately 15,000 Lbs. per hour

Hydraulic Drive
Top Cut Only
14 or 22 inch widths

Sales Literature - HDCC / HDTC2.71MB Download