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Con-Vey Slitter - Food Slicer

Con-Vey Slitter - Food Slicer

The Bridge Con-Vey Slitter food slicer, has been designed for the inline cutting of fresh, chilled or cooked product into strips. Interchangeable knife shaft assemblies allow for the cutting of various width strips making this machine very versatile. Custom knife spacing is available to suit any processing requirements. With infeed and discharge conveyors product flow can be continuous without the need for manual handling.

Product is placed or transferred onto the infeed conveyor which transports it through the knife head. The interchangeable knife shaft assembly and lower roller cut the boneless product into strips. The width of the strips is determined by the knife shaft assembly installed. The cut strips then exit the machine via a discharge conveyor.

One process example has product exiting a cooker, can be strip cut, inline, using a Bridge Machine Con-Vey Slitter and transferred directly onto a freezer belt; all without human intervention. We successfully cut fresh, chilled or cooked product.

All Stainless Steel Construction

Electric or hydraulic drive
Blade spacing
Blade diameter
Machine widths from 12 to 40 inches

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