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Spreading Conveyors

Spreading Conveyors

The Spreading Conveyor has been designed to deposit product from a narrow belt evenly across a wider belt. This process allows for better belt loading of batter and breading, freezer, and cooker belts.

The Spreading Conveyor will handle a wide variety of products including patties, meatballs, and ravioli.
The Model SCA reduces labor and allows freezers, cookers, and other processing equipment to operate efficiently by maximizing belt coverage.

Product is deposited on the infeed end of the Spreading Conveyor. The product is then conveyed perpendicularly over the wider conveyor of the next process. When product is properly positioned the shuttle portion of the Spreading Conveyor quickly retracts allowing the product to drop to the conveyor below. Product can be continually deposited on the Spreading Conveyor as the shuttle extends forward to repeat the process. Both the speed of the belt and the number of cycles per minute are variable.

Stainless Steel Construction
Adjustable Stroke Length within the maximum range
Electric Conveyor Drive
Air Driven Shuttle Drive

Stainless Steel or Plastic Belt
Belt widths ranging from 12 to 40 inches
Stroke Lengths from 24 to 48 inches (standard)
Caster or Foot mounting
Electronics package (product discharge sensor)
Servo Driven Shuttle Drive (eliminate use of air service requirements, allow for stroke patterning, and provides greater options for central line integrations and automation control)

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